Our Socratic Seminars, Conferences and The Imaginative Conservative (our online journal) offer students, teachers, university professors, and citizen leaders a vigorous appreciation of the roots of the American Republic, including: free markets, constitutionally limited government, and ordered liberty.

Our interdisciplinary approach to the study of the American Republic through economics, government, history, and literature reflects the classical understanding of man’s nature as an economic, social, and spiritual creature.  As the Founders of our great republic understood, self-knowledge, self-discipline, learning, and the cultivation of virtue have always been understood, in the Western World, as the keys to human flourishing and happiness.

Through a transformative encounter with the great works of Western Civilization, our programs help to ground leaders in the good, the true, and the beautiful, and to cultivate the virtues of courage, temperance, wisdom, and justice.  Only thus are people empowered as free and responsible persons, able to govern themselves in the light of enduring moral truths.  Our programs aim to form thoughtful virtuous leaders who will have the understanding and appreciation of the principles and history they need to pass on the torch of liberty to future generations.

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