Our Upcoming Event

Each year, The Free Enterprise Institute hosts the annual Founders’ Day Breakfast, which affords our supporters an opportunity to gather together, learn about the successes of the organization, hear from one of our distinguished contributors, and network. 2018 marks the 42nd annual Founders’ Day Breakfast, to which you are cordially invited. The event information and sponsorship levels may be found here.

Our Mission

The Free Enterprise Institute, through its seminars, conferences, and The Imaginative Conservative (its online journal) invites students, teachers, academics, and thoughtful community leaders to reflect on the great ideas, the great books, and the great people that together make up the American Republic, with its roots in the Western Tradition.


Our Vision

The Free Enterprise Institute is a non-profit educational institution founded in 1976. Our programs and our online journal, The Imaginative Conservative, educate thoughtful leaders who can provide effective, virtuous leadership in their communities as citizens, colleagues and neighbors. Through a transforming encounter with the history and principles of the American Republic and its principles of constitutionally limited government, free markets, and liberty, rooted in public and private virtue, we equip students, teachers, university professors and citizen leaders with the understanding necessary to address culture, economics, and politics. Together, we strive to preserve the American Republic through the renewal of culture.


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